Jun. 13th, 2010

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Have any sort of question for the mod(s)? This is the spot.

Anything in the way of comments, questions, suggestions on content or layout can go here. If it doesn't have any other place but you have something to say, stick it here or PM me. :D
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Hello! This is the new, shiny-smelling community for discussing srs bsns issues in fakenews fandom. However, aside from it existing with a vague sense of purpose, there's not really a clear idea of what's going on here.

So that is where you (the People) come in. What would everyone like to get out of this community? What sort of rules would we like (I have made some up for the profile, but they are very tentative)? Would anyone like to suggest a layout, or even better, make a pretty header? Anyone want to mod with me? Other thoughts?

One possibility to kick off discussion is to have weekly posts to talk about the week's shows. The logical day for that is Friday, but I'm aware that some people have social lives that might not work best for this, so if anyone has suggestions, share them!

And lastly, advertise this place to anyone who might be interested so we can get a community going!


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