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Name:Fake News, Serious Business
Posting Access:All Members
Community description:Discussing race, gender, class, queerness, size, creed, and other issues in TDS/TCR and fandom
Ever wanted to ask, "Does anyone have any thoughts about how The Daily Show treats fatphobia?" Or thought, "Was it just me, or was last night's episode of TCR a little squidgy on race?" Or philosophized, "Nobody ever writes about Aasif Mandvi, and this is a sad thing. How might his background as an Indian-born, British-raised, US-dweller who worked at Disney as a teen be relevant in fic?" Or even just squeed, "omg wasn't it so cool how Stephen used a bouncy ball, some string, and a hair dryer to show why homophobia isn't okay?"

Well, here is the place to do so. This is a discussion community for the more "srs bsns" issues of fake news shows and their fandom(s).

Rules and Guidelines
1. Refrain from using racist, classist, sexist, homophobic, transphobic, monosexist, sizeist, ableist or other oppressive language in posts or comments to keep this community as safe a space as possible. If you aren't familiar with these concepts, please take a look at the "Check your privilege" guide and these anti-oppression links for general ally tips (credit to Official Shrub blog and [community profile] scans_daily for the links!)

2. This is a discussion community, and although talking about serious issues in fandom is encouraged, do not use this space to take up personal disagreements with other fans. Please avoid personal insults and name-calling.

3. Again, this is a discussion community, and we do intend to discuss serious business. Don't complain that people should just chill out and listen to the humor. If you would like squee without the thinking involved, there are many other fun fakenews communities for that.

Don't have a Dreamwidth? Check [site community profile] dw_codesharing to get a code for an account.

If you have any questions, comment on the Mod Questions post or PM [personal profile] espreite.
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